How Can the GIC Business Incubation Program Help You Start A Company?

The GIC offers the tools, resources and connections to help overcome the challenges of starting a company, introducing a new product, or expanding into the markets you serve.

You may have the next million-dollar idea, but until you turn your concept into a reality, you’ll likely have a difficult time achieving success. The GIC Business Incubation Program provides  entrepreneurs with the tools, resources and connections to help you navigate through the challenges of launching a product or starting a company.

Getting Started

To help you better define your business concept, we encourage you to contact us and explore our suite of online resources, programs and incubation support. Visit our centers in Georgetown and Conway! We encourage an in-person meeting to explore your ultimate entrepreneurial vision. Our goal is full-realization of human potential and business skills. As a non-profit organization, we are dedicated to regional economic development and encouraging community success.

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